Checking and Maintaining Your Tires

Here are a few easy tips to keep your car moving smoothly. The lifespan of your tires quickly depreciates if they aren’t properly maintained. A new tire, on average, costs about $120 dollars. Tires that aren’t properly inflated can be a huge liability or threat on the road because they tend to become distorted and…


Checking Your Vehicle’s Fluid-Based Systems

Your automobile needs to be serviced on a regular basis. If not, critical parts could fail – placing at risk the time and money you put into your vehicle. One of the first steps to ensuring your vehicle is kept in good working condition is to keep an accurate record of all your maintenance needs.…


Spectronics Featured in Made on Long Island

Spectronics is thrilled to be featured on a recent edition of Fox5 NY News. As the world’s largest manufacturer of ultraviolet lighting equipment Spectronics has always aimed to hire remarkable people and give them the tools and empowerment to help them succeed in finding solutions to new challenges.


Tracer Products Implements Millenial Incentives Program

Tracer Products, the automotive division of Spectronics Corporation, is featured in a Newsday story about millennial employees and how they are changing financial compensation in the workforce. Spectronics president Jon Cooper (center) highlights the company’s new employee compensation program.  Cooper says the change is aimed-in part-at attracting and keeping millenial workers.  “The decision to move away from our old (annual…


6 Tips for $aving Fuel Costs while Cutting Emissions

It hardly came as a surprise to the trucking industry when the Obama administration recently (August 16) finalized new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles. The president made history in 2012 when he mandated the nation’s first-ever fuel-economy standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. This latest round of requirements for vehicles that must cut their carbon…


Heat Wave AC Tips

Summer driving is fun. But heat waves aren’t just dangerous for people and pets, they can hurt your car too. To prevent your car and air conditioning from breaking down on you during the dog days of summer, follow these heat wave driving tips.