The New Generation of Leak Detection Dye

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Tracer Products is proud to announce the release of Fluoro-Lite® 5 Fluorescent Dye –
our brightest, highest quality, and most advanced dye formula ever.

Pinpoint anything from Car AC Leaks to Power Steering Fluid Leaks.

Our engineers have been hard at work developing a new generation of fluorescent leak detection dyes to make it easier for you to find pesky leaks.
Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye


The new Fluoro-Lite® 5 dye formula fluoresces up to 10% brighter. That’s a big improvement and sets us even further apart from other leading brand formulations on the market. The dye has a much greater shelf life, too. It can be stored 150% longer. With an increased resistance to extreme temperature ranges and moisture.


The bottom line: these quality dyes perform better under difficult conditions and have greater stability, making them the perfect tool for long-term preventative maintenance and leak detection dye.

All Fluorescent Dyes Aren't Created Equal

Only quality dyes should go into a system, our leak detection products are the first and only choice for Automotive professionals.

Fluoro-Lite 5 Formula


Competitor Dye


highest quality fluorescent dye

Decades of experience has provided Tracer with a vast knowledge of how to best apply fluorescent leak detection, which has led
to the creation of the most advanced and highest quality fluorescent dye formulation ever!

What if you could detect leaks better than 99% of the auto technicians in the world?

Tracerline® frequently surveys automotive technicians and distribution companies across the globe about industry practices, challenges, and goals. This trend report examines the major uptick in use of fluorescent dye with ultraviolet technology for fluorescent inspection, and the benefits of preventive maintenance.

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