Tracer Wafer™

Fluorescent Refrigerant Leak Detection Dye for OEM Assembly Line Applications

The Tracer Wafer provides the perfect solution to the problem of introducing fluorescent refrigerant leak detection dye into production line situations.

The Tracer Wafer is an absorbent substrate of inert material (the carrier) impregnated with a fluorescent leak detection dye. The wafer can be shaped into a profile that is convenient to handle and can be installed automatically into a component of the air-conditioning system, thus minimizing the labor required to incorporate the dye into the final package. It can also be introduced directly into the dryer or accumulator.

The wafer retains the dye until it is released via the refrigerant and lubricant flow to which it will be exposed when the final assembly is completed and the air-conditioning unit is charged and operated.

Tracer Wafers are available with either lubricant-specific dyes or universal dyes. The oil-less, dry-matrix Tracer Wafer containing universal dye is compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants, including hybrid A/C systems and the new R-1234yf refrigerant.




A prime location for the Tracer Wafer is inside a desiccant bag within the receiver/dryer or accumulator/dryer of an air-conditioning system.

A/C system parts manufacturers are equipped to easily include Tracer Wafers in their products. That’s one reason why the Tracer Wafer is now being factory installed in new cars and trucks by auto makers in the U.S., Japan, Germany, the U.K., Italy, France, Sweden, China, Korea, Brazil and Mexico. One of the “Big 3” auto manufacturers has put the Tracer Wafer into the air conditioning systems of all its cars since the 1995 model year, and has seen its warranty costs drop by up to one million dollars in a single year! To date, Tracer Wafers have been installed in over 275 million vehicles worldwide, including hybrid cars and trucks.

The Tracer Wafer is presently being produced using an absorbent synthetic felt, the same material used in the desiccant bags. However, other forms and shapes of fluorescent dyes can be custom designed for special OEM needs. These can be solid or semi-solid dyes such as pills, pellets, slurries, swatches containing dye, etc. Other safe and practical methods of introducing fluorescent dye into air-conditioning systems for OEM assembly lines are also available. Contact our Engineering/Technical Department for further assistance.


  • No handling of liquid dyes, thus avoiding false leak indications
  • No production line changes necessary
  • Can be used for quality control on the production line as well as for warranty service and beyond
  • A premeasured, precise amount of dye is applied to each vehicle’s air-conditioning system
  • Value-added benefits for manufacturer and end-user
  • Protects the environment by reducing refrigerant emissions