Fluorescent Dyes / UV Fluorescent Dye

UV Fluorescent Dye 

For all circulating oil-based fluid systems

The TP3400 series UV dye for oil-based fluid systems is perfect for pinpointing leaking engine oil, fuel, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and more. Pinpoint leaks in deteriorating gaskets and other critical components. TP3400 is fully compatible with oil-based fluids and can safely remain in the system. The UV dye fluoresces a yellow/green color and works with all leak detection flashlights. Please see the instructions for applications and dye dilution ratios.

Where to Buy

Product No. Description
TP3400-1P6 (6) 1 oz (30 ml) bottles, services up to 6 vehicles
TP3400-1P24 (24) 1 oz (30 ml) bottles, services up to 24 vehicles
TP3400-8 8 oz (237 ml) bottle, services up to 8 vehicles
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