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Mini EZ Fluorescent Dye Capsule


Single Dose A/C Dye Cartridges – Glows Bright!

Pre-filled, pre-measured and disposable!

The quickest, easiest and most accurate way of servicing 1 vehicle with dye!

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  • Mini-EZ cartridges are prefilled, premeasured with solvent-free A/C dye, certified to meet SAE standard J2297.
  • Each Mini-EZ ¼ oz. dye cartridge services 1 vehicle.
  • Available in convenient 6-packs for standard A/C systems or box of 3 individually foil-wrapped cartridges for hybrid A/C systems.
  • Formulated with OEM-Grade Lubricant.
Product # Description
TP-9835-0301 3 - Mini-EZ™ ¼ oz (7.4 ml) cartridges for R-1234yf/PAG
TP-9865-0601 6 – Mini-EZ™ ¼ oz (7.4 ml) cartridges for Universal/Ester
TP-9875-0601 6 – Mini-EZ™ ¼ oz (7.4 ml) cartridges for R-134a/PAG**

**OEM Approved