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TP-9363 PRO-Chek CG

TP-9363 PRO-Chek CG™

Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Outstanding sensitivity, quality and affordability in a portable gas leak detector. Ideal for finding leaks in CNG vehicles, acetylene welding tanks, propane tanks and more!

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  • Certified intrinsically safe for use in combustive/explosive environments
  • Twice as sensitive as competitive units with adjustable sensitivity control helps to pinpoint leaks fast!
  • Also detects methanol, ethanol, methane, ethane, butane and other gases
  • Variable-intensity audible alarm and flashing LEDs quickly indicate leak size and strength
  • Auto-zeroing function helps ignore background gas levels in test area Rugged flexible probe with sensor holds its position for leak checking in tight spaces

Includes: sensor, replacement filters, and rugged carrying case.