Troubleshooting LF2001, LF2008, LF2001CS LeakFinder Dye Application Dilution Ratio for Trucks and Large Vehicles

LeakFinder LF2001, LF2008, and LF2001CS Oil-Based UV Leak Detection Dyes are the perfect tool for diagnosing leaks in engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, hydraulic fluid, and more. But in larger vehicles – such as trucks and heavy-duty vehicles – the fluid reservoirs are typically bigger and contain more oil-based fluid than a standard passenger vehicle. When these bigger systems are being treated with fluorescent leak detection dye, more dye may be required to activate the fluorescent response effectively. Learn how to use the correct application dilution ratio in larger vehicle systems in the troubleshooting instructions below.

New Leak Detection Dye Products and UV Lamp from LeakFinder®

UV Leak Detection LeakFinder® is releasing several new products to their line of cost-effective automotive aftermarket solutions. LeakFinder® UV fluorescent dyes provide high-quality leak detection for all automotive air conditioning systems containing R-134a, R-1234yf, or other widely used refrigerants. LeakFinder® also offers dyes for oil-based fluids – addressing systems containing oil, fuel, transmission fluid, power…