New Leak Detection Dye Products and UV Lamp from LeakFinder®

UV Leak Detection LeakFinder® is releasing several new products to their line of cost-effective automotive aftermarket solutions. LeakFinder® UV fluorescent dyes provide high-quality leak detection for all automotive air conditioning systems containing R-134a, R-1234yf, or other widely used refrigerants. LeakFinder® also offers dyes for oil-based fluids – addressing systems containing oil, fuel, transmission fluid, power…

Dye Products Made Specifically for R-1234yf A/C Systems

Tracerline® is releasing a new line of fluorescent leak detection products made specifically for R-1234yf A/C systems. To meet industry trends, Tracerline® has developed leak detection products made specifically for R-1234yf A/C systems. The product line includes complete leak detection kits, dye injection kits, and replacement dyes. Tracerline® R-1234yf leak detection dyes are co-solvent free and are manufactured using OEM-Grade Lubricant.


CoolSeal™ A/C Leak Sealer Stops Leaks

Cool Seal™ A/C Leak Sealer is a unique additive that seals slow, pesky leaks in compressors, condensers, evaporators, accumulators, O-rings and hoses ─ quickly and permanently. The non-polymer, oil-soluble formula is safe for A/C system components and recovery equipment and is compatible with all popular refrigerants, including R-1234yf (requires TP-9831CS adapter). Cool Seal is a practical alternative to expensive parts replacement on older, high-mileage vehicles and can remain safely in the system to guard against future leaks, making it ideal for preventive maintenance.

Tracerline’s Specialty Diagnostic Leak Detectors

TP-9367L MARKSMAN™ II ULTRASONIC DIAGNOSTIC TOOL The Tracerline® TP-9367L Marksman™ II features advanced heterodyne circuitry and “Sound Signature Technology” to convert and amplify inaudible, ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound. The Marksman™ II is ideal for detecting air brake leaks, compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, tire leaks, gear and bearing wear, electrical discharge, exhaust leaks,…

Checking and Maintaining Your Tires

Here are a few easy tips to keep your car moving smoothly. The lifespan of your tires quickly depreciates if they aren’t properly maintained. A new tire, on average, costs about $120 dollars. Tires that aren’t properly inflated can be a huge liability or threat on the road because they tend to become distorted and…