Complete A/C and Fluid Dye UV Leak Detection Kit

Includes EZ-Shot™ injector and BigEZ™ cartridge for high-volume A/C servicing. Universal/Ester dye for all refrigerant system types. Treats up to 64 A/C systems. Includes dye for coolant and oil-based fluid leaks. Flashlight included.

Fluorolite 5 Formula



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• TP-8616

Kit Includes

Product No.Description
TPOPUVOPTI-PRO™ UV cordless, violet light LED leak detection light
TP9770-88 oz (237 ml) cartridge of BigEZ™ Universal/Ester multi-dose A/C dye, services up to 64 vehicles
TP34001 oz (30 ml) bottle of dye for all circulating oil-based fluids, services 1 vehicle
TP-39001 oz (30 ml) bottle of Standard Coolant dye, services 1 vehicle
TP-9749EZ-Shot™ caulking gun-style dye injector assembly
TP-974718” (46 cm) R-134a hose/coupler with check valve & purge fitting
1284842 oz (60 ml) spray bottle of GLO-AWAY™ Plus fluorescent dye cleaner
TP-9831CSR-1234yf adapter
BigEZ™ Application
Violet Light LED Lamp
Violet Light LED Lamp
GloAway™ Plus
GloAway™ Plus