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OPTI-Lite™ A/C and Fluid Leak Detection Kit!

Ideal entry-level kit! Pinpoints A/C, Oil, Fuel, ATF, PS, Hydraulics and Coolant Leaks!

Features the TP-8620 OPTI-Lite™ cordless economy 6-LED blue light leak detection flashlight.

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OPTI-PRO™/EZ-Ject™ A/C and Fluid Kit

Most Complete!

Features the TP-8610 OPTI-PRO™ cordless, true UV LED leak detection flashlight.

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TP-8657 OEM Leak Detection Kit


OPTI-PRO Plus/EZ-Ject A/C and Fluid Kit

— Most versatile kit! Find leaks in A/C and fluid systems!

Features the TP-8655 OPTI-PRO™ Plus cordless, rechargeable true UV LED leak detection flashlight with convenient on-board recharging.




Complete OPTI-PRO™ Plus/EZ-Ject™ Heavy-Duty A/C and Fluid Kit

Features the TP-8655 OPTI-PRO™ Plus ultra-compact, rechargeable true UV LED flashlight.