“Tracerline dyes and lamps really help me and my customers with turn-around time. You don’t have to search for leaks. Just pour in the dye, run the system, shine the flashlight and there they are…clear as day.”

Ron MoffaOwner/Operator Advanced Auto Service

“Without a doubt this is the best UV leak detection setup on the market. Thanks for a great product!”

Chris WilladsonAccurate Automotive

Our shop deals with fleet vehicles (high utilization). Our shop consists of two shifts, approximately 15 techs in all and all our techs use your Tracerline system for hard-to-find leaks. With road construction, some leaks are pinholes produced by rocks hitting condensors or factory weld problems at cooling fins or assembly problems (o-rings). I would recommend your Tracerline system for leak detection to any service center. Thanks for all your years of help from your products.”

Fred WalkerFreelancer

“I love the ‘show & tell’ aspect of the leak detection system. Tracerline sells for me with little explaining. I have found leaks in condensers that only leak while the vehicle is running. One particular truck had been serviced at a local new car dealership 3 times. Thanks for an outstanding product that is affordable both for me and my customers!

Del T. GrigsbyAccount Manager

“Air conditioning is critical to our operation. If customers lose their cool, we lose our customers. The Tracerline method allows us to find all leaks in all types of refrigerant systems — R-12, R-134a, R-500 and R-22. It saves a lot of time and labor, is very easy to use, conserves refrigerant and fluids, and is great for finding multiple leaks.

Ron PlummerBollman Charter Bus Service

R-134a refrigerant leaks are often hard to find. Smaller molecules and lack of oil stains and residue have caused a dramatic increase in labor time for leak testing a system with an electronic tester. Because Tracerline dye stays in the system, it significantly decreases the time to check A/C systems on return visits.”

Robert F. AlbertsonOwner

“A great tool investment! Within one week of purchasing my Tracerline lamp, it had already paid for itself with two R-12 repairs and one engine oil leak repair.”

Thor LarsonService Manager

“Thanks for developing such an effective leak detector. It saves us service time on our fleet of cars, vans and small and large trucks. The Tracerline UV lamp and dyes are faster and more accurate than any other method we have used. The light finds multiple and smaller leaks, so we use it on every vehicle system.

James TouheyFleet Coordinator

I recommend Tracerline leak detection without reservation. It’s much more accurate than any other method we have tried. We rely on the lamps and dyes to find 100% of the leaks in our heavy duty and off-highway equipment, refrigerated delivery trucks, as well as in cars and vans. We’d be lost without it!

Shop ForemanU.S. Dept of Agriculture

“I personally have not found a better leak detection system and I have been doing A/C work for over 40 years.”

Norm WalkerPresident