Finding leaks in more than 6,500 vehicles was a major headache for our 22 service centers. Then we tried Tracerline leak detection and it’s like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. It’s fast, extremely accurate and inexpensive. The fact that the dye remains in the system is a terrific boost to our preventive maintenance program.

Jim H. ClauncheEquipment Management Director

“Tracer Products allows us to pinpoint leaks — oil or coolant — without tying up the technician. We can put dye in the engine and run the engine for 1-2 hours while we are working on other jobs. A real time saver, very accurate!”.

Richard AndersonJim Sweeney, Assistant Service Manager Cummins Cumberland Inc.

“The brightest of all leak detection fluids and lights. “

James M. DziemianzukTechnician Lake County Auto Service

“I have been in the automotive repair business over 20 years. Any A/C repairs, we do put dye in the system. It is the greatest tool I have seen for finding A/C leaks. I thank the inventor!”

Kevin VolekLead Technician

“Thank you for bringing Tracerline to us A/C technicians. You made our work much easier and put more money into our pockets.”


Pilar VelazquezAuto Technician

“It is nice to locate oil leaks without completely cleaning off the area. A/C — nice to see the leak rather than guessing with an electronic detector.”

Timothy D. WaltersOwner