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Cool Seal Benefits

Seals leaks in condensers, evaporators, accumulators, O-rings and hoses — quickly and permanently. Compatible with all popular refrigerants,
including R-1234yf*. Non-polymer, oil-soluble formula is safe for A/C system components and recovery equipment.

*Not for use in hybrid vehicles with electrically driven A/C compressors. NOTE: R-1234yf systems require TP-9831CS adapter


Cool Seal™ Syringe Injector Kit 

TP-2210CS AC Leak Sealer

Easy to use. Includes prefilled, disposable syringe, R-134a hose/coupler with check valve and R-12 adapter/purge fitting. Services 1 vehicle. Comes in full-color clamshell packaging.

  • TP-2211CS – Cool Seal™ prefilled syringe, clamshell packaged
  • TP-2272 – Hose/coupler with check valve and adapter/purge fitting
  • TP-9831CS – R-1234yf adapter fitting
Syringe Injector


Cool Seal™ BigEZ™ Cartridge 

TP-2270-0102CS AC Leak Sealer

Large, prefilled cartridge works with BigEZ™, EZ-Shot™ and most popular caulking gun-style injectors. Can also be used with EZ-Ject™ injector using TP-2271 adapter and TP-2272 hose/ coupler. Full cartridge services 2 vehicles. Comes in full-color clamshell packaging.  

  • TP-9745 – BigEZ™ injector assembly
  • TP-9749 – EZ-Shot™ injection gun
  • TP-9845 – EZ-Ject™ injector assembly
EZ Shot Injector


Cool Seal™ Bottled Leak Sealer 

TP-2200-0102CS AC Leak Sealer

The most economical way to add Cool Seal™ to an A/C system. Requires refillable injector. Full bottle services 2 vehicles. Comes in full-color clamshell packaging.

  • TP-9882 – R-134a refillable fluid injector — 2 oz (60 ml) capacity, with R-134a hose/coupler and R-12 adapter/purge fitting
  • TP-9883 – R-1234yf refillable fluid injector — 2 oz (60 ml) capacity, with R-1234yf hose/coupler and R-12 adaptor
  • TP-9831CS – R-1234yf adapter fitting
Inline Injector