LeakFinder® ultraviolet fluorescent universal dyes provide the most precise leak detection for all automotive air conditioning systems containing R-134a, R-1234yf, or other widely used refrigerants. Our dyes can find the smallest and most problematic leaks that would otherwise be impossible to detect.

LeakFinder® products are the perfect solution for anyone working on a vehicle’s total system, quickly and safely.
We offer the best delivery options and have specialty dyes for systems containing oil, fuel, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and more.

DIY Leak Detection


Most efficient fluorescent leak detection


Save Money on Fluorescent Leak Detection

Cost Effective

SAE J2297 Fluorescent Leak Detection

Meets SAE J2297

Automotive Leak Detection Made Simple

Smart fluorescent leak detection, so you don’t have to work hard


LeakFinder Dye Syringe Injection

Let dye circulate; dye escapes and collects at all leak sites.


UV Inspection

Use a leak detection lamp to scan and see all leaks glow brightly.

How Fluorescent Dyes Benefit Automotive Owners

LeakFinder® frequently surveys automotive technicians and distribution companies across the globe about industry practices, challenges, and goals. This trend report examines the major uptick in use of fluorescent dye with ultraviolet technology for fluorescent inspection, and the benefits of preventive maintenance.

Fluorescent Dye Whitepaper

Download the full 3-page report above for our top insights into Leak Detection Trends.

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