Hybrid Vehicle/Ester A/C Leak Detection Dyes

The fast, economical and mess-free way to add leak detection dye or OEM-based lubricating oil to a hybrid vehicle’s A/C system. Specially formulated with high dielectric qualities to protect ALL hybrid system components, including electrically driven compressors.


Mini-EZ™ Hybrid Vehicle/Ester
A/C Dye Injection Kit

Tracer-Stick™ Hybrid Vehicle/Ester
A/C Dye Injection Kit

A/C Oil
for Hybrid Vehicle/Ester Systems

MINI-EZ TP1108-P3 R-1234YF Hyrbrid Vehicle AC Dye

MINI-EZ™ R-1234yf Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye
for Hybrid Vehicle/Ester Systems

A/C Oil + UV Dye
for Hybrid Vehicle/Ester Systems