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Powerful, Cordless, Rechargeable Violet LED Leak Detection Flashlight! 

The OPTI-PRO™ MAX is a new, state-of-the-art leak detection lamp featuring a true UV Violet LED head coupled to a rugged, anodized aluminum flashlight body. It’s specially designed to fluoresce dyes brighter and with greater contrast compared to standard blue light inspection lamps. Makes automotive leaks much easier to spot and slashes diagnostic time.



An Economical, Cordless, Violet Leak Detection Flashlight!

The OPTI-PRO™  features a high-output Violet LED that causes dyes to fluoresce far more brilliantly and with greater contrast compared to conventional inspection lamps. It makes leaks easier to spot and slashes inspection time, putting more money in your wallet!

The OPTI-PRO™ (P/N TP-8610CS) comes with a lanyard, belt holster, batteries and fluorescence-enhancing glasses, all packaged in full-color hanging clamshell.



VioMAX Plus™ Telescopic, Violet Light Leak Detection Lamp

Extends a Full 29 inches!

Ideal for Finding A/C & Fluid Leaks in Confined and Hard-To-Reach Spaces!



OPTI-PRO™ Plus Cordless, Rechargeable, Violet Light LED Leak Detection Flashlight

The OPTI-PRO™ Plus is a new, state of the art leak detection lamp featuring a  Violet LED head coupled to a rugged, anodized aluminum flashlight body. It’s specially designed to provide optimal fluorescent dye response and contrast, ensuring all leaks glow brilliantly!




Blue Light 3-LED Leak Detection Lamp

Rugged and Portable.



OPTIMAX Jr™ Cordless,

Ultra-Compact Blue Light LED Leak Detection Flashlight

The beam is best suited for up close or short distances. With Tracerline’s commitment to quality, it is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable.



Cordless, Rechargeable Blue Light LED Leak Detection Flashlight

Powerful, Portable and Rechargeable!




OPTI-PRO/ EZ-Shot™ A/C Kit

Most Affordable!

Features the TP-8610 OPTI-PRO™ cordless, true UV LED leak detection flashlight.

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OPTI-PRO™ Plus / EZ-Shot A/C Kit

Professional kit to find leaks!

Features the TP-8655 OPTI-PRO™ Plus cordless, rechargeable, true UV LED leak detection flashlight with convenient on-board recharging.


TP-9367 Marksman™ II

TP-9367 Marksman™ II

Diagnostic Tool

Features advanced heterodyne circuitry and “Sound Signature Technology” to convert and amplify inaudible ultrasonic sounds into audible “natural” sounds. Provides quick diagnosis of leaks and defects before they become major breakdowns!

The Marksman™ II is ideal for detecting air brake leaks, compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, tire leaks, gear and bearing wear, electrical discharge, exhaust leaks, refrigerant leaks, cabin seal and gasket integrity…and more!

Comes complete with ultrasonic receiver, ultrasonic emitter, hollow air probe, contact probe, headphones and rugged carrying case.

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TP-3840 Fluoro-Lite

Fluoro-Lite® Bottled Dyes

Use a Tracerline dye injector to add bottled Fluoro-Lite dye into the A/C system.

Dyes are available in the following formulations:

Universal – Compatible with all A/C systems.

OEM-approved, lubricant-specific:

  1. R-134a/PAG (Meets or exceeds the requirements of SAE standard J2297)
  2. R-12, R-22 and R-502/Mineral Oil
  3. R-134a/POE

Dyes are available in economical, convenient 1/4-ounce, 1-ounce, 8-ounce, 16-ounce and 32-ounce bottles.



Dual-Max™ Cordless, Multi-Function Dual-Head Flashlight

— Two Powerful LEDs! One Lightweight Lamp

Features super-bright blue light LED for leak detection, plus white light LED for component inspection.


Hybrid Vehicle / Mini-EZ™


Mini-EZ™ Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit – Features Mini-EZ™ Dye Cartridges Specially Formulated for use with all Hybrid A/C Systems!

Easily Overcomes System Pressure. Allows Dye to Be Injected with System Off or Running!


  • Three 0.25 oz (7.4 ml) Mini-EZ™ cartridges filled with co-solvent free fluorescent ester dye with unique additives blended specifically for hybrid A/C systems.
  • Individually wrapped in a moisture-resistant foil pouch with desiccant bag.
  • EZ-Ject™ injector assembly with plunger handle and fitting.
  • Solid-brass, swivel-type R-13a hybrid coupler with check valve
  • R-12a purge fitting.
  • Three drip plugs.
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Fluorescent Dye Cleaner Glo-Away Plus


Fluorescent Dye Cleaner – Removes Dye Traces!

New formulation that works to dissolve fluorescent dye from the leak site. Requires less application & less time removing left over dye.
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Tamper-Evident Straps and Sleeves™

The Fast, Safe and Easy Way to Protect A/C Systems!

With different refrigerants available for today’s automotive A/C systems, the risk of cross-contamination has become a major concern. Tracerline® Tamper-Evident Straps and Sleeves are specifically designed to address this problem. These easy-to-use, cost-effective products ensure the purity of vehicle A/C systems, while protecting the integrity of your service equipment!

  • Warranties your work and protects A/C systems
  • Guards against unqualified repairs
  • Reduces comebacks
  • Safeguards your recovery equipment
  • Brings YOUR customers back to YOU!
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