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Single-Use Syringe Universal A/C Leak Detection Kit

The LeakFinder® SOLO-SHOT™ disposable syringes are designed for quick and easy injections. Each syringe is prefilled with the correct amount of dye for the application. There’s no measuring involved and no loss of dye due to spillage.

Services up to 4 vehicles.

Where to Buy

Kit Includes:

  • (4) Single-use, SOLO SHOT™ disposable syringes, prefilled with LeakFinder® universal A/C dye
    LF060 (6 pack) SOLO SHOT™ prefilled disposable replacement syringes (sold separately)
  • LF400 LeakFinder® cordless, blue light LED leak detection flashlight
  • LF80CS SOLO-SHOT™ R-134a hose/coupler and purge fitting*

*R-1234yf systems require LF60 adapter (sold separately).