Tracer Products Move Announcement

We’ve Moved! To Our Trusted Customers,   We are excited to announce that Tracer Products has moved! Our new expanded facility allows us to improve fulfillment and operating procedures to produce even higher quality products, and provide overall enhanced customer/supplier experience. Please update your records with our new address information below. We look forward to growing with you.…

UV Sanitizers for Cars

UV Sanitizers from Tracer Products Featured in MACS Service Report

The automotive industry is currently investigating ways to fight viruses, including using ultraviolet light to sanitize car interiors, foggers to spray disinfectants, upgrading air filtration systems, and employing antimicrobial materials. A handheld tool, such as The DeGERM-inatorTM (UV-5D) can inactivate 90% of most microorganisms in 6-8 seconds by sanitizing areas used in homes and offices, mobile devices, and in automobiles.

Troubleshooting LF2001, LF2008, LF2001CS LeakFinder Dye Application Dilution Ratio for Trucks and Large Vehicles

LeakFinder LF2001, LF2008, and LF2001CS Oil-Based UV Leak Detection Dyes are the perfect tool for diagnosing leaks in engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, hydraulic fluid, and more. But in larger vehicles – such as trucks and heavy-duty vehicles – the fluid reservoirs are typically bigger and contain more oil-based fluid than a standard passenger vehicle. When these bigger systems are being treated with fluorescent leak detection dye, more dye may be required to activate the fluorescent response effectively. Learn how to use the correct application dilution ratio in larger vehicle systems in the troubleshooting instructions below.

Fluorescent Leak Detection for Car Leaks

Tracerline Part Number Table

Over the past few years, the Tracerline product portfolio has changed. Although some products have been discontinued, there are NEW and BETTER PERFORMING product options available. Please review the informational table below. Here you can find part numbers from the past – and learn about the UPDATED and OPTIMIZED product equivalents introduced in 2019.